Ethan Hawke: Wise words and a great reminder

 Giving yourself permission to be creative.

If you get close to what you love
who you are will reveal itself to you
and it expands.

Be willing to play the fool.

To Run Away


I want to run away from home

And this boring life

While the television hums

In the backdrop of every day

I dream of places and things

I haven't yet known

As I roam these 

All too familiar walls

Where their comfort

No longer satisfies

And these floors 

Are worn with grooves

From my restless feet

Gazing now out this window

And reaching as far as my eyes can see

I can't seem to find the pull

I need to be free.


Art Rocks


Sometimes we just have to grab the nearest canvas

when the urge to paint

comes knocking on our door.

Unusual Hue


1972 Schwinn World Traveler

My first bicycle

In Crayola spring green

so proud and yet

vastly different

from the other kids

on their

brown and blue wheels.

They celebrate each other 

in their sameness

while I struggle

to make peace

with my unusual hue.

jj 2022

Angel at the Surface


I like to think

we all

have an angel

beneath our earthly


For some, 

the angel hides

in a dark and woolen cape.

But, if we look closely

there are those whose angel 

breathes softly 

near the surface

in linen

weaved together with 

undyed string

and a quiet familiar



Soul Families


If just a small piece

Of our soul

Can born again

In a new child

Blessed with more love

Then the broken path before

We are truly lucky

While even the broken

Gains a new understanding

Of love

And forgiveness

And we will move on


JJ 2022

A Grandmother's Love


Roslyn & Me 2018

“Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting.” – Unknown

This quote couldn't be more true for me. I watch my daughter make all the conscientious food choices at her house, as she should. But, when it comes to Grandma's house, it's fruit snacks and Poptarts, and sometimes nature's candy when I'm feeling a little guilty, raisins.

My Grandmother was the greatest and most influential person as to what a Grandmother could be and even though she is gone now, her memory is with me nearly every day. Especially on the days I'm playing Grandma.

The comfort and fun my Grandmother brought into my life helped to smooth the often abrasive parenting within my own home as a kid. Thankfully, it just takes one person in a family to tender many wounds.

Little red satin pajamas

So silky & soft

Just like my Grandmother's love

They cover and comfort me

While I sleep

Dreaming of a magical world

Only in the mind of a hopeful child

Healing and caressing

the voices

Where pain has no rest.


In memory of my Grandma Verla