Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Lose this City


There's an old grange in a golden field
There's a cat near an old tractor wheel
All I can see for miles
Is just more miles

9 horses run free in a High Valley
Cliffs like you've never seen
and coyotes howling
The stars are so many
Out there
Out there...

Sometimes I just want to lose this city
Lose this city

I see a bird
On the edge of a high rise
I see him peering out
Tempting to leave his dirty home
I can't blame him for wanting to stretch his wings

Feel the breeze

I think he just wants to lose this city
Lose this city

j james 2017 road trip, Coulee City, High Valley, La Grande
Unfortunately this home seen in photo above no longer exists due to a tragic total loss in a fire on September 7, 2020. With a goal to rebuild a new modest dwelling you can support a friend in this tragic loss by donating via GoFundMe HERE

Power People and the Less Fortunates

I can still hear the sound of the electronic cash register
as I step out onto the busy sidewalk.
Two fashionable women with their large packages
rush toward me
and I step aside to let them by.
They don't see me, for I am invisible!
I am a Less Fortunate, you see.

I don't carry packages
Unless it's everything I own
I don't order the fancy coffee
Just a small drip will do
My friends and I, we've been here a long time
We share this city with
The Power People.

Two businessmen make their way
discussing real estate & important meetings.
My friends and I, we talk of...
Shelters, warm jackets & medications

It may seem like two different worlds to you
But we are from the same, You & I
One could not be without the other
The Power People & The Less Fortunates

jjames 2008

An Artist's Life

Scenes from my art journal

Art lives forever

In a memory

in a dream

And if the artist is lucky

It will live in the hands of someone

Whose heart is touched

By its lingered power~

The love

and the passion that was poured

through the brush, the pen, the vessel~

That is all the true artist hopes for

that their passions live on

in the shadows

of their lives

jjames 1992 



photo: jjames

You were the lover I never kissed

You were the friend that never grew old

You were the father that never did hold

You were the brother in the small dark hours

You were the child I watched like a flower


like a star, you watch from over head

Knowing all the questions you left

And I 

like an unborn seed

Walk this earth instead


and Spirit 


jjames 5/97 in memory of Joe

Friday, January 29, 2021

Tissue Paper Collage



"The first fundamental truth about our individual lives is

the indispensability of love to every human being."

Joshua Loth Liebman from Peace of Mind

 Today I felt a gentle urge to create,

A whisper I haven't heard for way too long.

I'm hoping this very first tissue paper collage is the first in a long

prosperous season of creating again.

joni james 2021

Daniel's Song


You didn't worry if you fit in

It didn't take away your song

If the world saw you as different

You were just You

Just You all along

When the world dished out some trouble

And the dogs tried to drag you down

Along came a friend you could lean on then

A smile turned from a frown

And in those times you were lifted up

You returned the favor in time

It is us who hold your light and songs

Not forgotten

Not forgotten by One

jj 2019

In Memory of Daniel Johnston

an exceptional artist and light to this world

1/22/61 - 9/11/19

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

In Conquest

photo taken with my Nikon D70


Feeling sluggish

while clouds of disinterest 

hover and threaten to beat down

Sometimes I'm resentful

and at other times I wallow in the safety of knowing

I have no options

At least, I let my weary mind

tell me so...

journal 1/2021